Parish Council
Today many people are gifted and called to provide leadership in our parish. Such service to the parish strives to reflect the Gospel message, to develop a spirit of collaboration between pastors and people, and to effectively fulfill a variety of responsibilities within the parish.

Parish of St. Cletus Mission Statement

The parish family of St. Cletus is a faith community empowered by the Holy Spirit and strengthened by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our leadership consists of laity and clergy working together. We are part of the larger church of St. Louis and thus act as one body of Christ.

"Our mission is to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ in word and service to each other, to celebrate the liturgies of praise, healing and thanksgiving, and to enable all the members to grow in their relationship with God and one another."

Called to a Ministry of Leadership

The ministry of our Parish Council clearly envisions the members of our parish becoming more responsible for leading the parish, a responsibility that is shared with the Parish Staff.

Fundamentally Council members are chosen to be concerned with striving to understand how our faith in God invites, challenges, and promises us a new life. Not a life separate from our everyday lives, but an everyday life within which we easily know and experience the person, power, and presence of Jesus Christ.

Toward this end the work of the Council strives to insure that through its work the following cores values will be guaranteed for the parish:

That parish leaders act responsibly toward parish members, and parishioners toward each other.

That all have sufficient opportunity to be heard and to participate in decision making processes.

That information be reasonably available and that building healthy relationships with each other be a priority.

That we strive to serve one another.

That we seek direction from God and cooperate with each other in giving direction to our parish life.

2012 Parish Survey
The summary results of the 2012 parish survey can be found here. Comprehensive results can be found here.