The mission of the St. Cletus Sports program is to provide athletic activities for the children of the parish which help them develop in body, mind and spirit. Our goal is to motivate and challenge each child to reach his or her fullest potential in a Christ-centered learning environment, and provide them with the opportunity to participate in interscholastic competition with other area Catholic schools.

We are members of the St. Charles Catholic Youth Association (CYC).

The Concession Stand is located in the St. Cletus School cafeteria. It is operated by the Men’s Club and staffed by parent volunteers during scheduled games. For information about St. Cletus Adult Volleyball leagues and Men’s Club athletic scholarships for 8th grade students, visit the Men’s Club Website. For a map to our school and field, click the address below.

St. Cletus Sports programs are organized and operated by the St. Cletus Men’s Club.