Welcome to the St. Cletus  Life Teen Site!

Our Mission

Our mission is to lead teens closer to Christ and His Church by…

  • Surrounding youth with a safe and welcoming environment leading to Christ-centered relationships
  • Cultivating in them the traditions and beliefs of the Catholic faith
  • Inspiring them to share a life-long love of Christ.

We accomplish this in a variety of ways through our different weekly and yearly activities:

  • We have a Sunday Life Teen Mass at11:30am every week. Teens are encouraged to sit together in the front of church to help build community.
  • We meet every Sunday night at 7:00pm for our Life Nights. Life nights are the way we bring the teachings and beliefs of the Catholic Church to the youth in the program.
  • We have several retreats throughout the year to help teens experience Christ in a deeper way. We have a fall retreat, a Luke 18 retreat for 7th and 8th graders, and a summer Steubenville conference. All of these activities are geared towards leading teens closer to Christ.

Our program is supported by the parish, Fr.Benz, and is run by our Director of Youth Ministry, Bob Hamer. Bob is assisted by a dedicated group of volunteers called the Core Team. The Core Team is made up of young adults and some not so young adults who are a part of the parish. They lead small groups, plan events, and help teens build a relationship with Christ and His Church.

Thank you for checking out our website. If you have any questions or just want more information feel free to contact us. You can email Bob Hamer at bhamer@saintcletus.org or give him a call at 314-623-5258.